Available for Adoption

Please click on the link below to see adoptable animals and fill out an application:

Veterinary care is provided to PAWS pets' as appropriate.  All pets are vaccinated (as appropriate for their age), spayed or neutered, and tested for feline leukemia and AIDs (cats) and heartworm (dogs), if old enough.
The adoption fees are:
Cats/Kittens: $100
Longhair Cats/Kittens: $150
Purebred Cats/Kittens: $200
Dogs: $165
Puppies: $200
Purebred Dogs/Puppies: $300  
These adoption fees only partially defray the cost of readying a pet for adoption.
  • De-worming and flea treatment ($5-$25)
  • Rabies and distemper vaccines ($9-$22 each)
  • Leukemia/AIDs testing ($20-$30)
  • Spay or neuter ($30-$100)
  • Supplies (food, litter, toys, and medication)
It is our goal to make the best possible match between adopter and pet.  Accordingly, we may suggest that you adopt a pet other than the one for which you are applying, depending upon your lifestyle and household.
While it is our best intent to find permanent loving homes for our pets, we understand that sometimes a placement does not work out or circumstances change.  A pet rescued by PAWS is a pet rescued for life.  We will always accept back any pet previously adopted out through our program.
You will be entitled to a refund of the adoption fee if we are notified within 30 days of the adoption that you are having problems.  In the case, however, that the adoption does not work out, as indicated in the Adoption Contract, you are required to return the pet to PAWS.  You may not give the pet away or take it to another animal shelter.
For any reason, at any point in the future, PAWS will always accept back any pet previously adopted out through our adoption program.  Call us at (304) 358-3644 and indicate that you need to return a PAWS pet.  Do not call PETCO, as they have no authority to accept a pet on behalf of PAWS.
If you find an animal that interests you, please fill out the adoption application below or email us at paws.pendleton.wv@gmail.com to set up a meet and greet.
Thank you for considering one of our animals!