Before you adopt
There are many things you should consider before adopting an animal:
  • What type of pet are you looking for?  Do you want a dog or a cat?
  • What personality and traits do you want?  Do you want a guard dog, family dog, farm dog. playmate, etc.?  Do you want your pet to be laid back, playful, a snuggler, more indepenent, ect.?
  • Every animal has needs that must be meet including spending time with you and the family, food, proper vet care, and exercise.  Do you have time and money for that?
  • Adopting an animal is for you want to make that committment?
  • Does everyone in the family want a new pet?
  • Come meet our adoptables and see which one fits you better.
  • Do you have other pets?  How will they get along with your new adoptee?
  • Do you plan on moving soon?  What will happen to the animal if you would?
  • Do you rent or own?  If you rent, would your landlord permit a pet?
These are all important questions that need to be answered before you decide to adopt.
Please consider adopting a homeless animal before buying one from a breeder or individual.  There are already too many homeless animals out there.  If you buy, it just encourages people to keep on breeding which is just making the problem worse.
There is no greater love than from an animal that has never known love before.
 Adoption Process
 To ensure that our animals are placed in the best possible homes, we do check with your vet to ensure that current pets on up to date on shots and preventatives.  We also check with your landlord (if applicable) to ensure that you are allowed to have a pet.  If you have any current pets, we like to do a meet and greet to make sure that they will get along with each other.  After the application has been processed, we may do a home visit to ensure that your home is a safe and happy place for one of our animals.   
If you are still interested in adopting, please visit our Available for Adoption page.  There is an application to fill out on that page.
Thank you for considering adopting one of our pets
If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by email:
Veterinary care is provided to PAWS pets' as appropriate.  All pets are vaccinated (as appropriate for their age), spayed or neutered, and tested for feline leukemia and AIDs (cats) and heartworm (dogs), if old enough.
Unfortunately due to the cost of inflation on vetting care, our adoption fees have increased to cover the cost.
The adoption fees are:
  •  Cats/kittens: $100
  • Longhair/Maine Coon cats/kittens: $150
  • Purebred Cats/Kittens: $200
  • Dogs: $165
  • Puppies: $200
  • Purebred dogs/puppies: $300
These adoption fees only partially defray the cost of readying a pet for adoption.
  • De-worming and flea treatment ($5-$25)
  • Rabies and distemper vaccines ($9-$22 each)
  • Leukemia/AIDs testing ($20-$30)
  • Spay or neuter ($35-$100)
  • Supplies (food, litter, toys, and medication)
It is our goal to make the best possible match between adopter and pet.  Accordingly, we may suggest that you adopt a pet other than the one for which you are applying, depending upon your lifestyle and household.
While it is our best intent to find permanent loving homes for our pets, we understand that sometimes a placement does not work out or circumstances change.  A pet rescued by PAWS is a pet rescued for life.  We will always accept back any pet previously adopted out through our program.
You will be entitled to a refund of the adoption fee if we are notified within 30 days of the adoption that you are having problems.  In the case, however, that the adoption does not work out, as indicated in the Adoption Contract, you are required to return the pet to PAWS.  You may not give the pet away or take it to another animal shelter.
For any reason, at any point in the future, PAWS will always accept back any pet previously adopted out through our adoption program.  Call us at (304) 358-3644 and indicate that you need to return a PAWS pet.  Do not call PETCO, as they have no authority to accept a pet on behalf of PAWS.